We pride ourselves on delivering the most innovative technology solutions enabling our customers to lead their market segments and stay ahead of the competition.

About us

Since its inception in 2006, Belocal has experienced consistent and sustainable growth by developing strong long-term relationships with its technology partners and by providing tremendous value to its clients. BeLocal delivers effectively, efficiently, and provides the best possible value for each of its customers, based on unparalleled access to technology both from established vendors and emerging new technologies. At BeLocal, we pride ourselves in our ability to listen, our attention to detail and our expertise in innovation. Such strengths has enabled us to develop new solutions and services, to suit the changing needs of our clients and acquire new businesses by tailoring all our solutions and services to the specific needs of each client. We believe that innovation is linked to performance and customer trust and therefore our ability to stay competitive or ahead of it as a market leader has largely depended on our ground-breaking strategies, innovation and early technology adoption and internal management expertise.

Why Belocal?

BeLocal is one of the leading Data and IT solutions integrator to mid and enterprise companies, with unmatched capabilities and a history of building strategic, customizable, and insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results. BeLocal commitment to you is to provide you with the most innovative, cutting edge solution that fits perfectly to your business needs, without making any compromise in delivery, quality, serviceability, stability and competitiveness.

Belocal winning values are


We strive for excellence in all that we do

Openness & Honesty

We believe that open communication build trust


Our power comes from the talented people within Belocal


We believe that flexibility leads to excellence and we tailor all our solutions and services to the specific needs of each client

Passion for Technology

We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do


We never compromise our values and principles, we do what is right,  always

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