Innovative Technologies for a World of Advanced Solutions

Belocal provides technology solutions to all the data lifecycle phases: Data creation, data ingestion, data storing, data manipulation, data distribution, data analytics and data monetization.

Data Science

Streamlines data science to production and derives fast time to value for application development based on machine learning. We simplifies the development and deployment of high-volume, real-time, data-driven applications, powering data science for manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, insurance, financial services and telcos.

Cloud Computing and Platforms

Make cloud-native applications the cornerstone of your strategic initiatives, Move traditional virtualized IT development environment to the cloud and Achieve fully managed, secure private and hybrid cloud environments

Data Management

With the increasing amount of data, expanding multi-cloud infrastructures, new demanding regulations like GDPR, and ever-evolving business needs, the goal is to maintain control over data no matter where it is stored. And this is why data management is at the center of every business now.

Enterprise Data Solutions

We provide the most advanced data solutions, ranging from multi petabytes 100% available, active-active, multi-controller All Flash Arrays to NVMe Software-Defined Storage solutions, along with Highly Scalable Content Object Platforms as well.

Professional Services

From architecture through project management, adoption, installation, implementation and training, our professional service engineer teams help you get the most out of your technology investments.

Audit and Troubleshoot

In order to keep IT operating at peak performance and stability, We provide a variety of solutions to monitor, audit and troubleshoot all your software and hardware in your data centers.

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