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Cloud Platforms

Belocal Cloud Platform Solutions have everything you need to deploy an enterprise cloud and be productive once you get there. It includes open source operating system, software-defined storage, virtualization tools, a private cloud platform, public cloud interoperability, a containerized app-development platform, and a unified management system.

Our Cloud Platform Solutions let you achieve Real Business Value Faster, Implementing and Scaling faster, and Achieving a Public Cloud Experience with the Security of a Local Cloud Platform.Make cloud-native applications the cornerstone of your strategic initiatives, Move traditional virtualized IT development environment to the cloud and Achieve fully managed, secure private and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Computing

BeLocal Cloud Computing powered by REAN Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara

Enable secure migration of enterprise workloads to the cloud, Achieve holistic digital transformation with the automation-based REAN accelerator platform.

We provide Secure, Automated Cloud Migration, we are capable of moving workloads to the cloud 96% faster and achieve deployments that are 100% consistent.

You can then Use cloud-native services to optimize enterprise applications without rewriting application code. The final result and greatest benefit is Accelerating cloud adoption with the rehosting application and integration with public cloud migration tools.

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