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Streamlines data science to production and derives fast time to value for application development based on machine learning. We simplify the development and deployment of high-volume, real-time, data-driven applications, powering data science for manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, insurance, financial services and telcos.

The relevance of Real-Time for your Business

Determining the right real-time approach for your business is an important first step, ensuring the objectives of the solution are aligned with the business outcome. 

Technology and Design Patterns for Real-Time

A real-time system must process data sets very quickly. As data grows, there are several technologies and techniques to consider including Real-time SQL, NoSQL and Time Series Database, Real-time Serverless functions, efficient algorithms and innovative data architectures like Iguazio data platform.

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Stop worrying about bringing data science into business applications. With Belocal’s data science solutions, we will empower you to deploy AI & ML apps faster and make an impact.

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