Audit and Troubleshoot​

In order to keep IT operating at peak performance, We provide a variety of solutions to monitor, audit and troubleshoot all software and hardware connected to your data center.

Audit and Troubleshoot​

There are many things to “audit” inside a data center in order to keep IT operating at peak performance. When your team starts talking about a data center audit, make sure you know your options. Depending on your goals and what you hope to accomplish, there are several types of data center audits that be conducted. Here’s a rundown of the most common, and what types of information they can uncover:

Asset Audit

A data center audit that involves an inventory of assets creates a library of accurate, up-to-date information about all of the equipment in your data center – from servers and cabinets to storage devices.

Design Audit

This type of data center audit focuses on design, comparing the facility’s actual design to applicable standards and redundancy levels.

Even though they’re typically performed before a new data center is built, or an existing data center is renovated, a design audit can also be performed to gather ideas for improved data center operations.

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