Data Management

As the amount of data in the world continues to explode, the ability to maintain business-critical assets requires a complex mix of professional attributes our team holds.

Data Management

As the amount of data in the world continues to explode, we must change the way we look at protecting it. Over the past years, applications have undergone a paradigm shift. They now require more agilityscalability, and availability. The ability to maintain or swiftly recover business-critical assets and services in the event of sudden disruptions requires a complex mix of operational resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency response planning.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data safety is a core business concern these days. The ability to automatically backup critical systems and data. The ability to quickly recover from a disaster, with minimal user interaction. Flexible recovery options, such as restoring a single application or the whole infrastructure.

Data Management & Protection

Data Management is like an orchestrator tool that allows to take backups, create a temporary sandbox, and run applications against them. This is a very powerful tool for a broad range of use cases, including e-discovery, ransomware protection, index & search and so on. Data management is now key in several areas, therefore finding a way to manage data properly is the only way to go.

With ever larger storage infrastructures under management, and sysadmins that now have to manage petabytes instead of hundreds of terabytes, there is a natural shift towards automation for basic operations and the focus is more on what is really stored in the systems.

Furthermore, with the increasing amount of data, expanding multi-cloud infrastructures, new demanding regulations like GDPR, and ever evolving business needs, the goal is to maintain control over data no matter where it is stored. And this is why data management is at the center of every business now.

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